Zim News: Top Secret About Chamisa Revealed

Zanu-PF secretary for War Veterans and Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans, Victor Matemadanda has rubbished claims by MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa that he is “enjoying alone” while fellow war veterans suffer.

Mr Chamisa said this while welcoming National People’s Party chairman Dzikamai Mavhaire and other defectors to his party. Matemadanda, who is Gokwe Central legislator, said it was just unfortunate that the opposition leader was desperate to get the attention of “real war veterans”.

“It’s naive for a person who has hopes to lead this country to think that any person who once belonged to Zanu-PF is a war veteran. This is a clear sign of desperation,” he said.

He said Mr Chamisa was a son of a Rhodesian African Rifles soldier who does not know the definition of a war veteran.

“May he respectfully be told that if Mavhaire is a war veteran, then he is the class of Chamisa’s father, a Rhodesian war veteran and not the veteran of the liberation struggle,” Matemadanda said.

Matemadanda said the opposition leader was misinformed as President Mnangagwa has already done a lot to improve the life of the war veterans.

“If Chamisa lives in Zimbabwe he should know that (Douglas) Mahiya is my deputy in the Politburo and that he is full time secretary in my department.

“Headman Moyo is a director in the same department. In fact, the department has several war veterans. We are not like him who is only concerned about himself,” he said.

“The President has already done a lot to improve the life of the war veterans, President Mnangagwa and the entire war veterans’ leadership are called to serve their people and they are all happy.”

Recently, war veterans across the country were given party cars for the day to day running of their departments. Matemadanda’s appointment was hailed by war veterans across the country. Matemadanda has worked tirelessly in uniting the war vets, ensuring that their grievances have been addressed by the President.

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